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This affectionate, warts-and-all takes on the stand-up scene and its personalities feels mostly true to life. Davis challenges the uptight norms of British society by placing a representative example at its center. Sally Catherine Shepherd has resigned herself to a dull, loveless life with her simpering, sexually inadequate, drip-of-the-century boyfriend David Alex Macqueen until she has a fling with a freewheeling lesbian singer Davis.

It turns out the singer is conniving horror show herself, which further puts the squeeze on Sally. A little of this repulsive behavior can go a long way. How to Make It in America — Blame the lack of a strong, clear premise for the early cancellation of this well-drawn slice of life. A strong cast filled with rising talent led by Bryan Greenberg and Victor Rasuk as well-connected up-and-coming designers helped push the show to two eight-episode seasons.

Mixing wince-inducing dark comedy with moments of winning earnestness, Hello Ladies was ultimately a character study as purposeful as The Office and Extras — and honestly was more focused than either, albeit less hilarious. Hulot, and Mr. Bean episodes aired sporadically on British TV, because it took time for Atkinson and his collaborators including future rom-com king Richard Curtis to construct all the clockwork gags. In its occasional role as an importer of quality overseas goods, HBO recognized the remarkable comic achievement of Mr.

Bean , airing it as one of its rare all-ages programs.

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Instead, it had to settle for a slew of CableACE nominations. Carville and Matalin had already branded themselves as a liberal-conservative he-said-she said couple of partisan firebrands. The show was built around a bipartisan consulting firm in Washington, D. The idea behind K Street was to react quickly to the news events of the day and to turn out episodes within a week.

Soderbergh and his cast mostly pulled it off, bringing in all sorts of politicians and celebrities for cameo appearances. But today, the insidery feel of the show breeds as much contempt as admiration. The No. Two key pieces of the creative team — producer Sydney Pollack and director Anthony Minghella — both died right around the time their pilot movie aired. The film did well, but when the series finally got rolling a year later, it had lost a lot of its critical momentum.

In the first season, Doll works for Em as a personal assistant and finds it hard to treat a pal as a boss; in the second, the pair try to mount a play loosely based on their relationship, starring Olivia Wilde and Evan Rachel Wood. Each season was roughly the length of an indie film — co-written and directed by the accomplished indie filmmaker Azazel Jacobs — and got its energy from the two leads sharing their natural gift for repartee.

Their insights into the nature of close friendships between women and colleagues is remarkable for both its honesty and its optimism. Togetherness —16 For the Duplass brothers, Jay and Mark, making the transition from the mumblecore of The Puffy Chair and Baghead to an HBO drama was entirely seamless, because their interest in down-to-earth, semi-improvised, character-driven comedy-drama has never really favored one medium over another.

Tenacious D — Emerging from the same sketch-comedy laboratory as Mr. Show , Tenacious D now seems like a lo-fi, West Coast precursor to The Flight of the Conchords , another show about a musical duo whose exceedingly marginal presence on the music scene falls short of their aspirations. Unscripted Steven Soderbergh and George Clooney followed K Street with another unusual, quick-and-dirty improvisational series, which swapped Washington, D. Krista Allen, Bryan Greenberg, and Jennifer Hall played versions of themselves: all struggling actors who spend their days going through the ritual humiliation of auditions, only to land the occasional bit part.

Which sometimes gets cut. The three come together in an acting class run by a deliciously manipulative Frank Langella. Unscripted thrives mostly on the agonizing, funny, occasionally surreal business of making it in Tinseltown.

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Hung —11 By description, Hung sounds like a sniggering one-joke comedy, following Thomas Jane as a down-on-his-luck high-school basketball coach from Detroit who puts his generous member to work as a gigolo. But while it did exploit this situation to comic advantage — especially in the casting of Jane Adams as a friend who pimped him out — the show took its characters and its setting seriously enough to evolve into something more substantial than just a girthier Weeds. His power in the sack is inversely proportional to his power outside of it.

Broadway star Jonathan Groff gives a fine performance as Patrick: an overly cautious young tech professional who juggles multiple relationships and job prospects throughout the series, uncertain of who he wants to be as he moves into his 30s. The series and its fantastic finale movie considered the big decisions in life through the smaller choices that make up a typical day for any person, gay or straight.

Set in New Orleans in the years immediately following Hurricane Katrina, Treme detailed how even a devastated community could coalesce around shared cultural values, historical traditions, political activism, and bitter conflicts. With an eclectic cast that included all-time greats like Wendell Piece, Melissa Leo, John Goodman, and the wondrous Khandi Alexander, this was always a series that was intended more to be lived in than to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Vice Principals — In the first season, they became a team of rivals in order to sabotage the African-American woman Kimberly Hebert Gregory hired to be principal, even going so far as to burn down her house. Luck —12 The series premiere of Luck was hotly anticipated: A new show by Deadwood creator David Milch, directed by Michael Mann, starring Dustin Hoffman as a mobster hellbent on revenge after a three-year prison stint.

And the show mostly delivered as promised, offering a prismatic and personal view of a racetrack: from the cutthroats who operate it, to the trainers and jockeys, to the degenerate gamblers who turn up every day, thinking they have the angle. Three horses died during production, and the safety of future animals could not be guaranteed. In Treatment —10 Based on an Israeli series called BeTipul , In Treatment produced an astonishing episodes over three seasons, each airing on successive weeknights, and each about single characters discussing their problems with a therapist, played by Gabriel Byrne.

Or an architecture student diagnosed with lymphoma? You could tune into their sessions on the same days every week. But In Treatment remains an absorbing experiment and as thoughtful a window into therapy as TV has produced. The show was strongest in its second season, when Andy finally lucks into his own sitcom, then faces the fresh humiliation of seeing it dumbed down to the lowest common denominator. The original miniseries is now being expanded to an ongoing series, with season two to be directed by the even more formidable Andrea Arnold.

Nicole Kidman is in a grim domestic thriller, while Shailene Woodley is in an underdog crime story, and Reese Witherspoon is in a fast-paced comedy of manners.

'Black Panther' Final Scene Hints at Wonder | Hollywood Reporter

All are doing some of the best work of their careers. Getting On may have scared some viewers away with its bleakness, but those who stuck with it through its three seasons were rewarded with rare, wonderful moments of beauty and compassion. Big Love — Over five seasons, Mark V. The show was a suitably bumpy ride at times — and it never quite made the action at a dust-choked polygamist compound as compelling as the Hendrickson household — but it transcended the controversy surrounding it. The difference is that Bored to Death was also a postmodern mystery series, created by offbeat novelist Jonathan Ames, with Jason Schwartzman playing a heavily fictionalized version of Ames: a writer who makes ends meet by helping people out as a DIY detective.

By splicing together down-to-earth New York stories with elements of film noir — and adding gonzo supporting performances by Ted Danson and Zack Galifianakis — the series both commented on 21st-century urban rootlessness and put it into a larger cultural and historical context.

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But Tell Me You Love Me is more like the HBO equivalent of a Dogme 95 movie: a raw and unvarnished look at three couples, refreshingly candid about their emotions, in and out of the sack. Each of the couples are in varied relationship stages. One is married with children, another is struggling to conceive, and a third is going through a bumpy engagement period. Girls earned that chatter, though — and not just because it was one of the only pieces of popular entertainment at the time dealing in a complex and honest way with the often self-created trials of the millennial generation.

A sort of junior Sex and the City without the glibness or glam , Girls framed New York as a city of paralyzingly immense opportunity, both professionally and personally. Creator and star Lena Dunham also kept the show current with trends in the indie-movie world she emerged from, working to make each episode play like a well-crafted short film, packed with jaw-dropping surprises and eye-catching imagery, all dealing with a modern world seemingly designed to prevent young people from growing up. Flight of the Conchords —9 The New Zealand comedy duo Flight of the Conchords, Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie, existed before they and James Bobin created a TV show around them — which explains why their faux -folk songs, full of silly sentiment and interior monologue, drive the episodes, rather than the other way around.

The seasons vary in quality, but even the worst of them yes, the second have a pungent atmosphere and reliably excellent lead performances. Westworld —present. As Westworld entered its second season and the multiple timelines and identity switcheroos metastasized, Joy and Nolan spent too much time trying to outwit Reddit puzzle-solvers.

But even amid the confusion, they sound a plausible warning about a future where our creations — and our hubris — overwhelm us. The Comeback ; Friends star Lisa Kudrow helped create this clever showbiz satire, packaged to look like footage from a reality show about Valerie Cherish, a once-popular sitcom actress trying to edge her way back into the spotlight, however possible.

Her values and self-esteem have been warped by an industry that chews through talent and is especially fickle toward women. But it only took a couple of episodes for Rae to prove that her concept was good for more than just quick-hit observational humor. Insecure goes in deep on the travails of young women who are balancing romance, friendships, and a career in Los Angeles, trying to master young adulthood while forging a unique identity — and in the age of social media, no less. Surprising plot twists and unexpected pathos help create a full, satisfying world to visit, episode after episode.

Case in point: re-creating Ancient Rome for the purpose of mounting an intricate, intimate political drama, more akin to Deadwood and The Sopranos than Ben-Hur. Its two seasons spanned decades. And yet no episode is unfamiliar, either, because Sinclair and Blichfeld have honed such a gently observant and funny tone. Silicon Valley —present. Miller — stepping on one rake after another. Succession —present In our current age of Large Adult Sons — that phenomenon where rich dimwits like the Trump children and Wyatt Ingraham Koch inherit the world — Succession has become our satirical Dallas.

The first season got stronger week by week, eventually becoming a must-watch as it grew from a soap opera about the lifestyles of the rich and miserable to an essential satire about a particularly 21st century brand of corporate monarchy. It goes into fine detail about how some not-so-nice men and women try to profit from a society in transition, and it features characters capable of solving their problems with murder yet determined to exhaust every quasi-legitimate political and business option first.

Six Feet Under —5. Meet the celebrities vying to reign Did Russia drive hero British aid boss to his death? Wife says former army officer who fell from Istanbul New 'healthy' hot chocolates make all kinds of claims from I've killed the chance of a second referendum by standing aside in Tory seats says Nigel Farage branding Thanks to his magnanimity, we can breathe a little Forget Workington Man.

Could Nigel Farage still cost Boris Johnson victory at the general election?

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The Brexit Party will still Police seize 7. Primary school children do an HOUR less of exercise each day by the time they turn 11, study suggests 'I've lost my home, my business, everything': Woman's tears as floods inundate her spa in submerged I've had boiling hot fat all over me': Wife's desperate plea after her chip shop owner Devastated father tells inquest how he begged social services for FOUR years to protect son, seven, from the Hong Kong protester, 21, loses a kidney and part of his liver after being shot by police and he and man set Vaping is just as bad for your heart as smoking cigarettes as researchers warn e-cigarettes are NOT safer Humans have 1 in 14, chance of going extinct next year - more likely than an individual has of being Princess Anne the rather frisky filly!

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Today our hardest-working royal has a reputation as formidable as her Convicted rapist, 42, sexually assaulted a five-year-old girl on a train just hours after being released Mexico arrests several suspects in connection with the cartel assassination of three Mormon mothers and six Thousands are told to find shelter NOW as bushfires approach - while Sydney faces a nervous wait with They've all been vilified by campus Retired Barclays bank manager, 80, died after routine chiropractor's appointment for a leg injury left him Doctors and nurses slam rapper T.

Alec Baldwin's wife Hilaria, 35, suffers a miscarriage four months into her pregnancy and just seven months Nigel Farage says Boris Johnson made a 'ridiculous' attempt to 'buy me' with a peerage before he decided to stand down candidates in Tory-held seats - but he told the Government: 'I'm not interested' 'Using Remembrance Day to advertise is a little disrespectful!

Wife says former army officer who fell from Istanbul balcony was under 'intense stress' following year-long Moscow smear campaign branding him a spy Convicted rapist, 42, sexually assaulted a five-year-old girl on a train just hours after being released from prison for assault, court hears 'This train's now faster than a speeding bullet Save money on Beauty, Fashion, Furniture and so much more. Ebuyer - Ebuyer discount codes. Save money on the latest technology for your homes.

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