Back to Life (Back to Life #1)

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Go to Jefferson and talk to him and repeat the travelling back in time action.

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During the conversation the game won't give you the answer when you don't know it, so you have to try to do something and only later you can rewind the time. After the conversation with Jefferson get out of the classroom and go to the ladies room and help the girl. When you get there do all the steps that you know already. To save the girl you need to use the alarm that is on the wall.

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In order to us it, you need to break the glass with a small hammer which is under the cart Move. After the interaction with the alarm and the homicide go back to the very beginning and the only action that you've made will be getting the hammer otherwise you will not make it on time to save the girl. After seeing the events you can move to the hall where the principle will be waiting for you.

During the conversation the game will give a choice, it is the first important choice in this episode. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners.

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Game Guides. Games Encyclopedia. Release Dates. Life is Strange Guide. Game Guide. Episode 1: Chrysalis.

Back to Life

Chapter 1. Table of Contents. Life is Strange Guide Game Guide. Kenai Spine is the only spine center in the State of Alaska to be included in Spine Center Network, an exclusive national listing of spine centers of excellence that meet credentialing criteria related to fellowship-trained spine surgeons; non-surgical Mayo Clinic-trained MD physical medicine specialist for back and neck pain; and affiliated spine therapists. With an office on the Kenai Peninsula, and two offices in Anchorage, Kenai Spine provides great convenience to those with back pain or neck pain problems who live around Anchorage, including Wasilla, Palmer, Eagle River and the Mat-Su Valley.

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