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Nate was content doing the same thing over and over and over again. He was happy listening to music all day long while drumming on his head or playing games on the computer. This made attending to a newborn much easier. At age two-and-a-half, however, we found out that Nate had autism.

Although I had suspected this, the reality of it was something else entirely. Fourteen months later, after putting him on a very strict diet and sending him to a special preschool, his self-stimulating behavior finally ceased. Soon he was no longer able to do the incredible things with his brain that he had been doing and his desire to drum all the time ended.

In essence, we were gradually getting a different kid than the one we had known for his first four years. Now he was an outgoing, bright, bubbly young man. Ten days after Nate began kindergarten, we found out that our special journey was not over.

Trin-I-Tee 5:7 - God's Grace (Official Video)

I was pregnant with my youngest, Seth. Seth had Down syndrome. I had already spent two years with Nate going to a school separated from all our friends. The light at the end of my tunnel suddenly disappeared as the realization of what this meant sunk in. I needed Jesus in a way that I never had before. Seth is the sweetest soul. He is also impulsive, a destroyer of everything, loud, and has kept me on high alert for the better part of seven years. God simply has no lack of material wealth — what God wants are the hearts of man.

June 2016 Issue

My own personal experiences enabled me to have some discernment of the essence of these rumors and, when I thought of how my husband had been deceived by them, I felt that I ought to equip myself more with the truth and bear testimony to God with my living out, and help my husband to see through the rumors spread by the CCP. My husband saw that his admonition had had no effect on me, so he got my friends to obstruct and harass me, arranging times to go for meals or go shopping when I was supposed to attend gatherings, but I refused them all.

Seeing that this ruse had been useless, my husband began to use the cold-shoulder tactic. Every day, when I finished work and came home, he would be sitting and playing on his mobile phone, not saying anything to me and sulking visibly. This went on for over two weeks.

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Every day when I get home, I have to see his sulking face, and I feel so pained and upset! Maybe I should not attend church gatherings for a few days and then see how things are. I feel somewhat weak now that this situation has befallen me. I ask that You give me strength and guide me along the road ahead. The road to the kingdom is not that smooth, nothing is that simple!

Is Your Bad Day a Blessing in Disguise? — Serenity & Health

You want blessings to come easy, right? Today everyone will have bitter trials to face, otherwise the loving heart you have for Me will not grow stronger and you will not have true love for Me. That is My promise and My blessing to you. Because the evil forces of Satan harass and obstruct us, the path of following God is doomed to be filled with hardship and danger. Yet the wisdom of God is built upon the cunning schemes of Satan, and when Satan tries to harass us and obstruct us from believing in God, that is precisely the time when God is testing us.

If we truly believe in God, then we will not betray God no matter what situation befalls us. If I stood firm in my testimony to God, would I not earn His praise?

Blessing in disguise (idiom)

I wish to rely on God and stand witness for Him to shame Satan! She says that Jesus and Almighty God are one God, and she believes in God and is following the right path through life.

When I relied on God sincerely, Satan was shamed and defeated. From that day on, my husband never tried to obstruct me again, and my home life regained its tranquility. Become a member. Sign in. Get started. Mary Follow. Hey, I'm Mary. May God bless us!

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