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These were the most popular of the novellas at the time. The realistic in nature cater to the descriptions of realistic characters and environments, with intentional criticism in many cases. However, the separation between the two groups is not sharp and elements of the idealistic may be found in some of the realistic novels.

Since there are multiple versions of two of these stories, it is believed that Cervantes introduced some variations in these novels for moral, social and aesthetic purposes hence the name 'exemplary'. On the other hand, some short stories are also embedded in Don Quixote , such as El curioso impertinente or Historia del cautivo , and where a character possesses a manuscript of Rinconete y Cortadillo , unpublished at the time Cervantes' novellas inspired several English Jacobean dramas, whose authors might have read them either in French translation or in the Spanish original.

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Story of a young man who falls in love with a gypsy. She asks him to be with her as a gypsy for two years. Later it is discovered that she is the lost daughter of the governor. He gets thrown into jail, but is later released when it's revealed that he is of knightly descent.

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The two marry, and live happily. The story of Ricardo and Leonisa. When their ship sinks, Ricardo believes that Leonisa is dead. He discovers she is alive later, when she is being sold off as a slave.

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The Cadi wants her for himself, surprised by her beauty and charm, thinking of getting rid of his wife so he can keep her, but Ricardo recovers her to love her properly. A seven-year-old girl named Isabela is kidnapped by an Englishman. She serves him as a servant, and his son falls in love with her because of her beauty. Since their love is mutual, they go to the Queen so she can approve of their union. She is impressed by Isabela's beauty and makes the boy, prove himself worthy of her.

Lección 18 La historia del cautivo

He starts fighting off Turkish ships, and releases Spanish prisoners. He meets Isabela's parents, but keeps quiet about knowing her. One day he was on the roof of the prison when Zoraida, who had fallen in love with him from afar, dropped some money to him from a window.

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  • Along with the money, she included a letter that said she had converted to Christianity and that offered him financial assistance to escape, free her, and bring her to Spain to be his wife. After the captive finishes his story, a judge named Licentiate Juan Perez de Viedma arrives at the inn with his beautiful daughter, Clara.

    - Document - A soldier's shame: the specter of captivity in "la historia del cautivo"

    The captive realizes that the judge is his brother. The priest, after successfully testing the judge to see whether he still loves his missing brother, reunites the two. While everyone sleeps that night, a youth sings love ballads outside the inn. Dorothea wakes Clara so she can hear the singing, saying it is the most beautiful singing she has ever heard. Clara reveals that the singing youth is actually a young lord who used to live with his father next door to her and the judge.

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