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Summers do not count as semesters for suspension. Students may appeal to come back from suspension early, but must meet some requirements in order to do so.

If you wish to appeal, meet with your academic advisor as soon as possible. You will not receive credit at Auburn for courses you take at other schools while you are on suspension from Auburn. You may not resign from school to avoid suspension. If you resign drop all your courses after mid-semester and are currently on academic warning, you may still be suspended.

Please see your academic advisor to review your individual situation and the potential consequences of resigning. You may take courses at another institution over the summer or any other single term, provided you are not suspended from Auburn. In order to receive credit for the courses, you must complete a Transient Student Form. For most degrees in COSAM, 61 hours is half the degree and, therefore, the maximum number of hours that transfer. You should be careful in planning your transfer to Auburn before you have reached the maximum allowable hours.

Academic advisors, along with the appropriate department, are responsible for awarding transfer credit. If you have questions about how your credit has been applied to your degree, please contact your academic advisor.

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You must come by the Dean's Office to fill out a form, and we will process the change and assign a new advisor, if appropriate. If you wish to change your major to one in another school or college at Auburn, please contact that school or college to determine their procedures. Most schools and college have their requirements on their websites.

How to Bounce Back from Failure - College Info Geek

You may have to apply to that school or college and be accepted before you are eligible to declare that major. Once you are eligible to make the change, you may do so by coming to the COSAM Dean's Office, picking up your academic records, and walking them to your new college or school. Final failing grades are F, failure; FA, failure for excessive absences; U, unsatisfactory; and WF, officially dropped with permission of the student's dean but failing at the time of withdrawal.

An IN may be assigned at the discretion of the instructor if you are passing but have not completed all assigned work or taken all scheduled examinations.

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If you feel that grades have been inappropriately assigned, or if any other final grades are in error, you should discuss the issue with the appropriate instructor. Your GPA is a critical part of your academic career, both at Auburn and beyond. There are several different GPAs that impact you.

Here are a few and how they are calculated.

Failure Is Essential to Learning

To calculate a grade point average, multiply the credit hours times the grade points to determine the quality points for each class. Then divide the total quality points by the total credit hours to determine the grade point average. Students within a given semester who achieve a 3. Students are sent a personal letter and certificate by the Dean's Office, and this honor is also noted in the student's permanent record. Students who desire to file a grievance should review their options described under the Student Academic Grievance Policy.

The Art of Failing in School and Succeeding in Life

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