Ourstory: Afrikans from Antiquity to the 21st Century

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Ancient African terracotta portraits 1000 B.C. to 500 B.C.

In his magnum opus A Lost Tradition: African Philosophy in World History , Thoephile Obenga documents the confessions of 'famous' revered Greeks the world's first Europeans in their own Greek Hellenic language that they all received their education at the Temple of Waset in ancient Kemet Egypt and that their teachers were the master-thinkers or High priests in the Nile Valley.

For example, "it is generally taught that Thales of Miletus B.

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This is clearly recorded by the Greeks themselves. Thales' pursuit of instruction saw him go by sea to Egypt, where he spent time with the Egyptian priests. Thales transferred the speculative science of geometry to Greece.

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There was no method of intellectual inquiry such as geometry in Greece before Thales' departure for Egypt. Upon his return, however, Thales introduced geometry geometrein in Greece. Indeed, "more than 1, years before Thales' birth, Egyptians had correctly calculated the areas of rectangles, triangles and isosceles trapeziums. The area of a circle had also been obtained accurately. The Greek Hellenic record shows that Pythagoras born circa B.

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It was Thales who "had recommended that above all, Pythagoras should meet the clergy of Memphis and Thebes old capitals of Kemet in order to gain a higher level of knowledge. Aristotle B.

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This is the record of Hanta, attained the great river. And these words cut in stone. The other of the pair discovered together bears the inscription: "Record by Hata, who attained this limit on the river, moored his ship and engraved this rock. Professor Fell also said that he believes that "barabarous lands at the end of the world" referred to in similar inscriptions in Spain definitely describe the Americas.

The capital city gets a controversial facelift

He said evidence supporting an earlier discovery of the Americas than that of the Vikings has also been found in Spain and North Africa. In his opinion, the people who left the stones made "at least two" expeditions, including one to the Yucatan area of Mexico. One stone found there "gives the area its name", he said.

Ancient history of North America is still shrouded in mystery.

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Historians, archaeologists and other scientists keep debating who really discovered North America and we have many reasons and plenty of evidence to say Christopher Columbus was by no means the first foreigner who discovered the continent. The controversial Davenport and Pontotoc stele are two artifacts that may prove presence of ancient Egyptians and Africans in America.

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Some researchers think the Davenport and Pontotoc stele are fakes, but there are also scientists who think such controversial artifacts deserve more study. On one side of the artifact there are carvings of Egyptian writing and the festival.

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On the other side there is a picture of two Egyptian obelisks, a pyramid and African animals. The Pontotoc Stele is considered to be the work of an early Iberian colonist in America, as the script is that known otherwise from the Cachao-da-Rapa region in northern Portugal. It depicts the life-giving rays of the sun descending upon the earth beneath. If we can imagine that Viking visited America in ancient times, why should Phoenicians, Libyans, Egyptians or other sailing cultures do the same?

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