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Because what's more romantic than the idea of endless love? Love songs aren't just relegated to being the old classics, thanks to Bruno we have this newer entry to the most romantic songs ever. It's hugely popular at weddings these days, probably because there's a universal truth that speaks to us all - we just want to be loved for who we are! Often referred to as a modern love song, Billy Joel wrote it about his wife at the time, Elizabeth Weber.

She was a shrewd businesswoman and sorted out his financial affairs after he'd made some ill-advised business deals.

You gotta love having a tough negotiator for a wife, and the lyrics reflect his love and respect for her. The sultry sax intro, her velvet-smooth vocals, the unashamedly slushy lyrics A true classic, after all what could be better than a love that makes our souls sing? The music of The Temptations is a textbook example of the famous Motown sound, and this song is no exception. Featuring lush vocal harmonies, soaring strings and a sneaky little sax riff, this is a stone cold classic that everyone knows!

The 100 Greatest Alternative Singles of the '80s: Part 1: 100 - 81

We challenge you to watch the iconic video for this song and not feel at least a little bit choked up! Sinead O'Connor pulls at the heartstrings with the definitive cover of this Prince song, and apparently her tears in the video were real, as she remembered her mother who had passed away.

Up Where We Belong was a Platinum-certified, Grammy Award-winning hit, and those of us of a certain age know exactly why! The song featured in the most famous scene of the smash film An Officer and a Gentleman. A hunky Richard Gere turns up at the factory where his love interest works, wearing white naval uniform, to literally sweep her off her feet!

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Now that's something to daydream about during a quiet afternoon at work Cherish by Kool and the Gang is another wedding staple, thanks to its lyrics about treasuring love and life. Featuring a stripped back production, the true star of this song is Alicia's incredible gospel-style vocals.

The Prince oeuvre, song by song, in chronological order

And this song reminds us, what's love without a few ups and downs? Or ins and outs, in the case of this song! Featuring on the brilliant soundtrack to the movie Saturday Night Fever, this song was a huge hit, spending 17 weeks in the top 10 of the US charts. Take That went on a hit with it in too, topping the charts worldwide.

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Once again, though, the singer proves that he's equally adept with the synthesizer and the guitar, two instruments that didn't always spend much time on the same stage during the '80s. Prince aimed for, and most certainly reached, an impressive new level with Purple Rain , and this song from that album particularly shows his musical growth. The sermon intro is a classic rock star pose, but it's executed with such verve and imagination that it presents us with something utterly new. The song that follows stands not only as a celebration of "this thing called life," but is also a showcase for Prince's highly underrated guitar playing.

The lead toward the end has few rivals in the '80s. Guitar remains a powerful factor on this, Prince's most well-known and evocative ballad, but this powerful title track's instrumentation is notable for its subtlety rather than the scorching fierceness of the previous song's guitar parts.

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Prince's vocals continued to get better from song to song, especially at this part of his career when he relied much less on the falsetto used so often in his formative years. Soulful and convincing, the performance on this tune holds up incredibly well for a pop hit of its magnitude.

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The song itself works abundantly well as a pop confection but also as a deeper, haunting, and emotional artistic statement. The escalating use of layers of moody keyboards, coupled with various planes of supporting vocals, help to make this song an intoxicating trip indeed. One way to measure the majesty of a song is to look at the rush to cover it by other, disparate artists.

Prince's music has never been short of admirers, but some might recognize this song via the back door, from the Hindu Love Gods version a few years following the single's release.

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That band—which was basically R. In both versions, Prince's intoxicating melody always remains the centerpiece.

The Prince oeuvre, song by song, in chronological order

Tom Jones' cover of this tune generally smacks too much of novelty, and in some ways its popularity tends to obscure the fact that the original version is one of Prince's finest performances. The singer goes back to his roots here, employing a mesmerizing falsetto vocal approach and dramatically raising the emphasis on rhythm, especially with the funkiest guitar he'd come up with since Dirty Mind.

Dated Dynasty TV reference notwithstanding, this one ultimately stands as further glaring evidence of Prince's mastery. Speaking of great covers, there is a lovely version of this song by the Goo Goo Dolls, back when they were still a real rock band in the early '90s.