Scrooge & Cratchit: A Sequel to A Christmas Carol

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Van Horn pepper the piece with allusions to the Dickens tale. They also include a couple of ghosts. Scrooge is one: his death, far from stopping him from singing, has freed him to roam through most of the scenes as a sort of Ghost of Christmas, Period. Pasatieri gives him several characterful arias, and Marc Embree , a bass-baritone, sang them with power and panache.

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Fred makes a brief but crucial appearance as a ghost as well, though in most of the work he is alive, a settled, responsible figure in this telling. Willy Falk gave him a sympathetic, ably sung portrayal. The production, a collaboration with the University of Kentucky Opera Theater , is spare but attractive, and Mr. Capasso, doubling as director, moves his singers around the stage with an effective naturalness that gives way to stylized set pieces only when the scene — a battle or a ghostly revelation — demands them. John Nardolillo, the conductor and Ms. Tell us what you think.

Dickens adapted the Carol for performance, shortened it first to three hours, then eventually to an hour and an half. Dickens seldom referred to the prompt copy of A Christmas Carol that he carried onto the stage with him, and each reading was a little different, because he added to and changed the Carol when he read. Dickens does—one reading is never anything like a mechanical following of a previous reading, even of the same work. In and , Dickens performed in the United States. His readings were so popular that people camped overnight in the streets to buy tickets at box offices, or found tickets sold by scalpers.

In Washington, D.

The tour was incredibly lucrative. He refused to pay taxes on the income—in protest to a government which for decades had not taken up his cause of international copyright—and was physically protected by the New York City police from the federal tax collectors who came to arrest him the day he boarded ship to return to London.

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The following is only a selection of the hundreds of versions, parodies, and adaptations of A Christmas Carol. In many cases the adaptation listed is the first work created in that medium. For example, the first sound recording was in , there have been many after. Possibly because of its strong moral message, A Christmas Carol has been used in satire almost since first publication, notably by Punch.

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The Old Style. Nothing could have been more cheerful than the well lighted streets. Toys were everywhere, and scores of happy children toddled beside their rosy-cheeked parents full of the glee of the joyful season, and so on, and so on, for a dozen pages.

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The family party assembled together in the old ancestral hall was a right merry one. The armour reflected back the red glare of the blazing Yule log. Dancing and flirtation and all the brightest side of life were in evidence on all sides. What could have been more delightful? What could have been more in keeping with the good traditions? And so on, and so on, for another dozen pages.

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Nothing could have been more dismal than the fog-hidden streets. The customary cheap presents in the toy shops were hidden by the prevailing gloom. Children by the scores shivered and whimpered as they listened to the querulous voices of their parents. And so on, and so on, for a dozen pages.

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The family party assembled in the large dining room quarreled with the utmost heartiness. They had been so intent upon their bickerings that they had quite forgotten to keep up the fire. The coals were as cold as the biting frost without. The hall table was covered with unpaid bills. County Court summonses had been left early in the afternoon and were well in evidence. What could have been more in keeping with the sadness of the dismal season?

What could have been more wretched?

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What could have been more in keeping with the bad traditions? Long before Murphy Brown vs. Dan Quayle, literary characters have been adapted to illustrate political opinions. Here are three twentieth-century examples, and a Victorian cartoon. As a matter of fact, I found that actually Scrooge had pad press in his time. As a matter of fact, Bob Cratchit was paid 10 shillings a week, which was a very good wage at that time. So that the fact that Bob Cratchit could read and write made him a very valuable clerk and ad a result of that he was paid 10 shillings a week.

Bob, in fact, had a good cause to be happy with his situation. He lived in a house, not a tenement.

A Christmas Carol: the best and worst adaptations

He was able to afford the traditional Christmas dinner of roast goose and plum pudding. So after all folks, I think we have to change our views.

Once upon a time, in the city of London, England, there was an honest, hardworking businessman named Ebenezer Scrooge. With his partner, Jacob Marley, Scrooge founded a small but profitable blacking company in Cheapside. Then Marley died and Scrooge was left to run the business alone, assisted by his clerk, a man named Bob Cratchit.