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Slonczewski, J. Poole, R. Wakita, M. Ocean acidification from to in the subarctic western North Pacific Ocean. Biogeosciences 10 , — Wilks, J. Ishii, M. Ocean acidification off the south coast of Japan: a result from time series observations of CO 2 parameters from to Oceans , C Schlitzer, R.

Ocean Data View v. Riebesell, U. Gattuso, J. Technical Note: approaches and software tools to investigate the impact of ocean acidification. Biogeosciences 6 , — Schulz, K.

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CO 2 perturbation experiments: similarities and differences between dissolved inorganic carbon and total alkalinity manipulations. Berg, I.

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Badger, M. Multiple Rubisco forms in proteobacteria: their functional significance in relation to CO 2 acquisition by the CBB cycle. Kock, A. Nitrite removal improves hydroxylamine analysis in aqueous solution by conversion with iron III. Biogeochemical controls and isotopic signatures of nitrous oxide production by a marine ammonia-oxidizing bacterium. Biogeosciences 7 , — Santoro, A. Isotopic signature of N 2 O produced by marine ammonia-oxidizing Archaea.

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Yamagishi, H. Role of nitrification and denitrification on the nitrous oxide cycle in the eastern tropical North Pacific and Gulf of California. Determination of nitrogen isotopomers of nitrous oxide on a modified isotope ratio mass spectrometer. Fractionation of N 2 O isotopomers during production by denitrifier. Soil Biol. Sigman, D. A bacterial method for the nitrogen isotopic analysis of nitrate in seawater and freshwater. Peng, X. Revisiting nitrification in the Eastern Tropical South Pacific: a focus on controls.

Oceans , — Charpentier, J. Nitrous oxide distribution and its origin in the central and eastern South Pacific Subtropical Gyre.


Biogeosciences 4 , — Download references. We thank the captain, officers, crew, scientists and technicians for their assistance during the KS and YK cruises and M.

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Honda, PI of the MR cruise. All authors contributed to the interpretation of the results and the preparation of the manuscript. Correspondence to Florian Breider.

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