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When another threat to Earth is revealed, Tobia initially considers going to him to get his help as a pilot Because the Black History consists of all previous Gundam series up to that point, almost every single Gundam work is doomed to end in conflict and destruction of the world over the course of millennia. For one Gundam work to exist, the previous must have ended in failure for the protagonists. Ironically, one could argue that Turn A and the works made between this and Reconquista in G itself succumbs to this as it must end in setting up the Reguild Century.

Season 1 ended with a positive tone where no one in Tekkadan and their allies, the Turbines except Biscuit were killed off. Initially, Season 1 was supposed to have darker storylines such as higher casualties and the public distrusting Tekkadan but the director wanted a lighter and happier tone.

As a result, Season 2 picks up these remaining storylines where Tekkadan started losing their friends and were vilified in public by Gjallarhorn's black propaganda. In the end, Tekkadan lost their leader and their Gundam pilots including Mikazuki and Rustal successfully reforms Gjallarhorn without receiving any punishment for his atrocities. Gall Force Earth Chapter ends with the heroes stopping GORN , the world saved and mankind, while in for a long time to rebuild, has a bright future ahead. Gall Force New Era revealed GORN survived in data form, managed to infect the network of All of Mankind's territory, and proceeded kill off the human race, save for six women who managed to get lead to safety and launched into space.

A very Kyubey has turned Homura into a witch and trapped the others in her labyrinth, so that he can try to undo Madoka's wish. To be fair, the ending she puts in place has all five girls and newcomer Nagisa alive , with only her and Kyubey really getting the short end of the stick: Homura because she feels unworthy of Madoka's friendship after betraying her, and Kyubey due to being stuffed with all of the curses he had laid on Magical Girls throughout history.

So she overrode a happy ending to put a seemingly happier ending in place ; it's very contentious among fans, as some see the new ending as happier, others less so.

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The root of the divergence seems to be whether you believe whether being alive but mortal and trapped in an illusionary labyrinth is better than being in magical girl heaven with full agency and immortality, but technically "dead. Queen's Blade sees this happen in the Rebellion series, where the victorious Leina hands the mantle of Queen to her sister, Claudette, who goes on to make many reforms as Leina happily retires. The key sticking point is that the Swamp Witch is still free at the end of the first series, and she continues to expand her poisoned domain, starts cursing all of the old heroines to put them out of commission or limit their fighting ability, and corrupts Claudette into a Well-Intentioned Extremist Knight Templar who rules with an iron fist, making the "Rebellion" necessary.

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Rurouni Kenshin : Part of the reason the titular hero became The Atoner was that he could no longer ignore the fact that he was killing people regardless of how good the motives were. Being indirectly responsible for the death of the woman he loved was the metaphorical last straw. Each major fight afterward, Kenshin speechifies about what he was fighting for, and it takes a Heroic BSoD for him to realize that he can only fight for his own personal peace of mind.

The Seisouhen OVA goes on to erase all of that Character Development and have Kenshin still so wracked by guilt that he abandons his family to go Walking the Earth again ; it's not until the very end that he returns, only to die in Kaoru's arms, and she dies moments later because he's infected her too.

Yahiko has taken up Kenshin's mantle, and his son Kenji eventually comes around to the same point of view , but there's a reason most fans and Nobuhiro Watsuki himself, who didn't write it, deny Seisouhen's existence.

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Rebuild of Evangelion : At the end of the second movie, Shinji succeeds in rescuing Rei from an Angel that had devoured her, inadvertently starting Third Impact in the process, not that he's concerned. The Stinger , however, has Kaworu stop Third Impact, and by the time the third movie begins, nearly all of humanity is shown to have perished when Shinji nearly started Third Impact, and everyone Shinji knew and loved except Kaworu is either dead or flat-out hate him, some like Asuka and Misato rather irrationally.

The Rei that he meets in this movie, to make things worse, is a clone: the Rei he thought he rescued is gone. Both the Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions , trouble is afoot again.

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Seto Kaiba refuses to let go of the Pharaoh and causes most of the movie's plot by his obsessive desire to duel him again, while he, Yugi, and his friends are menaced by Aigami, who's determined to kill Kaiba and Yugi if needed to stop the Puzzle from being completed. Naruto had a definite ending in which the eponymous hero, after living many years as a lonely outcast , gained acceptance and recognition from his village , achieved his lifelong dream , managed to bring peace to the ninja world , redeemed his best friend , found love and fathered two children.

The sequel manga, Boruto: Naruto Next Generation kicks off by showing the Village of Konoha destroyed and a now more grown-up Naruto's son, Boruto Uzumaki, fighting a powerful enemy who is implied to have killed his father. While Dragon Ball Super doesn't do this as a whole to Dragon Ball Z , as it's a midquel that takes place before the last three episodes of that series, it does do this to Future Trunks' story.

The last time he was seen in the original series, thanks to training in the Z Warriors' timeline he'd managed to become strong enough to take down the Artificial Humans of his world as well as Imperfect Cell , as well as rebuild all the damage they caused. In Super , new villain Goku Black a. Zamasu decimates his world even more so than the Artificial Humans did, murders his mother right in front of his eyes, and forces Future Trunks to flee back to the main timeline.

Even worse, after Zamasu's defeat, he attempts to become reality itself, prompting the Omni-King to completely destroy Future Trunks' timeline though Trunks and his family manage to escape , rendering the struggles of its inhabitants between both apocalypses null and void. By extension, this also happened to the Future Trunks from Cell's timeline. After saving Goku's life and helping them deactivate the androids, he traveled back to his time to do the same.

With the world saved, he decided to make one last trip to the past to celebrate with his friends. However, Cell got to him first. Due to taking place centuries later, the heroes have all died by now. And there is a new Big Bad, Deathgyunos. Girls und Panzer : the Ooarai High School is shutting down, but it will remain open if its tankery team manages to win the national tournament. After many trials and hardships, the tournament is won. Girls Und Panzer Der Film opens with an announcement that the school's closing down anyway, as apparently the administration's promise to keep the school open was hollow.

Anzu manages to negotiate a promise to have the school remain open if the tankery team wins a match against a University-level team The ending to Super Danganronpa 2 shows Naegi and friends deleting AI Enoshima and reverting the surviving Remnants of Despair back to their old selves. The worst Naegi thinks will happen is filing a bunch of paperwork, right?

Danganronpa 3 begins one day later, when he's court-martialed by the leaders of the Future Foundation for harboring war criminals. Then Monokuma returns and forces everyone into another Deadly Game , revealing a traitor amongst them will be doing the killing. And Side:Future Episode 6 reveals that the former Remnants are about to be attacked by Future Foundation peacekeeping forces.

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Thankfully, all of the previously introduced characters survive to the end. Perhaps better called a Bittersweet Ending Override, but Code Geass would be approaching this with the movie, Lelouch of the Resurrection that will follow up the events after the Zero Requiem. In the movie, the world remains at peace for one year; however, several nations such as the Zilkstan Kingdom still suffer the aftereffects of the Zero Requiem. This eventually leads to the Zilkstan Kingdom kidnapping Nunually and Suzaku at the beginning of the movie.

Sukasuka has a very bittersweet ending that takes place after a ten year time skip, with it being implied that everyone lived happily ever after during those ten years.

Then the sequel, which takes place five years into the time skip, came out and revealed just how horrible things really were. Two days after the main conflict was seemingly resolved, Regul Aire was once again attacked by the 17 Beasts. Battle Angel Alita : The Motorball arc ended on one of the happiest tones of the series, promptly undone at the start of the next arc. Comic Books. The Avatar: The Last Airbender graphic novels quickly establish that saving the world involves more than just beating the Fire Lord, with a lot of messes and problems to deal with in the aftermath of a large-scale global war.

This includes everything from how to deal with the various colonies, handling any groups within the Fire Nation that are still loyal to the previous Fire Lord, and preventing new wars from breaking out. Not even the character's personal relationships are safe, with Mai and Zuko breaking up almost immediately, despite their heartwarming reunion in the show's finale.

Read e-book The Long Kill (The Moem Chronicles Book 3)

The Legend of Korra graphic novels continue this trend, though it's somewhat downplayed by show's finale making it clear that Korra and Asami going on a date in the Spirit World is simply a short vacation before devoting themselves to rebuilding Republic City. When they return, they immediately have to deal with a refugee crisis and a new Big Bad swiftly going from a Badass Normal gangster to Humanoid Abomination that can command spirits like Unalaq all over again.

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Inverted then played straight. The original event ended with most of the characters dead or about to be destroyed by a nuclear strike against the US, having sacrificed their own reality in the hope of restoring the main Marvel universe. Then a sequel came out in which people pick up the rubble and try to rebuild the world and their lives.

Later in , Uncanny X-Force had an arc in which they went to visit that same world and it was more horrifying than ever, with Apocalypse being replaced by something far worse and most of the dimension's X-Men being killed. The final issue of Warren Ellis ' run on Doom saw Doom about to realize his goal of creating a utopia by releasing thought-controlled Nanomachines that would give people whatever they wanted for free. The first three words in the next issue are "it didn't work".

Christopher Priest 's Black Panther run ended with Kasper Cole becoming the new White Tiger and choosing to stay with Gwen so they could raise their baby together. When Kasper appeared in World of Wakanda years later, it was revealed that Gwen had dumped him and taken the baby with her. Worse still, work commitments and financial difficulties had killed his career as White Tiger before it ever really took off. Crisis on Infinite Earths ended with a Bittersweet Ending for Superboy Prime, who after his Earth was destroyed was sent with other beings to an interdimensional heaven where he could spend the rest of his days.

The Toxin mini-series ended with Patrick Mulligan finally coming to terms with being a symbiote-wearing superhero, coming back to his wife after leaving her behind to protect her for the entire series and telling her the truth about him.

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  • Then the writers had Patrick killed offscreen by Blackheart so they could give his symbiote to Eddie Brock and make a new opponent for Flash Thompson as Agent Venom. Comes the sequel Son of Samhain , she ends up breaking up with Georgia because "normal" life just wasn't interesting enough for her, and gets back to hunting monsters.

    The Grendel "War Child" arc ended with Jupiter Assante becoming Khan and seemingly likely to rule relatively justly, even if authoritarianly and in a world with a Might Makes Right attitude. The next work in the sequence, the prose novel Past Prime , reveals that Jupiter was murdered by his own wife on his wedding night and that his empire has collapsed into a feudal quasi-anarchy plagued by self-servingly violent Grendel clans and wandering psychos. Fray overrides the ending of the seventh season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer , which saw the mass empowerment of Slayers across the world; by Mel's time, it's back to one per generation.

    The Fly: Outbreak : While The Fly II ended on a relatively upbeat tone with Martin restoring his human body and inflicting a karmic punishment upon the Corrupt Corporate Executive who has controlled him all his life, the comicbook sequel throws a wrench into this with the reveal that Martin's genes are still not stable and more people get infected and turned into Fly-hybrids because of him.

    At the end of Watchmen , Adrian "Ozymandias" Veidt successfully saves the world from the brink of World War III via an elaborate alien invasion hoax, and the protagonists agree that no one must never know the truth. But Rorschach is a pre-emptive Spanner in the Works , as he had already sent evidence of Veidt's plan to a newspaper he trusts, and it was only a matter of time before the truth became public knowledge. Sure enough, by the time Doomsday Clock begins, Veidt had been exposed, and everything is back to square one.

    McCoy created for the virus that was killing the Onlies in " Miri " mutated into a new, more virulent strain. Miri was among the many Onlies to die as a result. Enraged and distraught by her death, Jahn seeks revenge on McCoy and kidnaps his daughter Joanna. He brings her back to his planet so that she will die from the virus and McCoy will learn what it is like to lose someone.

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    However, McCoy is able to develop a new and more effective vaccine that permanently eliminates the virus. Not according to Power of the Dark Crystal! A hundred trine later, Thra is a wasteland, Kira and Jen are figurehead leaders to a religion that keeps this knowledge from them, and also oppresses the Podlings and other Gelflings, and then a visitor from beneath the planet's surface, seeking help, causes the Crystal to shatter, bringing back the Skeksis.

    The end of Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality had Harry obliviating Voldemort of all his memories, hoping to raise him again in love and warmth one day. Yet in its fan sequel Significant Digits , Voldemort got all his memories back. At the conclusion of the episode, the actor who played the titular Grey Ghost found his acting career revitalized thanks to helping Batman thwart the Mad Bomber recreating an episode of his show.

    In the opening chapter, however, Robin tells the rest of the Titans that said Mad Bomber escaped during a mass breakout of Arkham, then planted a bomb in the actor's car, killing him.