The Science of Being Well

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With faith and discipline, Wattles suggests you can stay well.

The Science of Being Great Unabridged Audiobook

Thank you Librivox This book is the exact opposite of that. All you need to do is be sensible with taking care of your body.

Eat moderately, exercise moderately, sleep well and remember to breathe. Society needs more messages like this!

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My only comments on the narration are at one point I could hear papers rustling and a dog barking in the background. Overall it was very well done and the narrator has a pleasant reading voice.

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However someone cannot heal everything with good thoughts, nevertheless this book really helps to maintain a healthy and positive attitude which is of high value. A good listen, and definitely a lot of Truth in here, but we need not reject science and common medical practice to be healthy.

All of wattles books are excellent, but this one left a bit of a bitter taste in my mouth.

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  5. Reading this free ebook could improve not only your health, but everything else in your life!?

I still recommend it. The science of being great: proper eating, breathing, good night sleep, exercising, and more. Short but worth the read. The volume was great and very clear for each and every word.

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Thabk you so much! The confident and matter of fact tone of this book says much of the contents. Following the writer's principles it is definitely possible to live a healthy life full of joy and gratitude. The big problem with being born into a physical body is that you don't get an instruction manual with it. And if you don't take care of your body, where are you going to live?

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Many people spend their entire lives not really knowing how to treat the body they have been entrusted with, or what to do when things go wrong. Most approaches to health completely miss the fact that there are two aspects to being well - the physical and the metaphysical. The truth is that everlasting health and vitality is not difficult to achieve if you understand a few basic principles about how the body operates.

Written around years ago but still highly-relevant today, Wallace D Wattles provides practical advice and techniques for becoming healthy again, if you are not already, and staying that way for a lifetime. This book completes Wattles' masterful " Science of Summary Of The Mental Actions. Supplementary Instructions.

The Science of Being Well de Wallace D. Wattles en Gandhi

Text size: A A A A. Book Contents. The Science of Being Well changes all that. Preface 2. The Principle Of Health 3.