Working with Wisdom: 10 Universal Principles for Enlightened Entrepreneurs

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We are confronted with the proverbial knot [2].

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As we struggle to make sense of things around us and our place in the scheme of things, human problems are becoming more pressing, global, bewildering and more difficult to solve. We are confronted with complexity and often feel helpless and choose to let things over take us [3]. One of the most important steps for cultivating Oneness comes from the people we associate with.

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Association with good, just, upright and noble people opens us to good beliefs and world views of these people. People reached this level by thinking, reflecting and doing and they in turn had good people they lived with or the community they come from. It is not that that in our daily life we do not come against bad people consciously keep those interactions as little as possible. In the metaphysical sense it is difficult but begin the easiest way.

Look yourself in the mirror and imagine your Atman or soul watching you.

Life Principles of How to Be Successful Entrepreneur and Businessman by Ray Dalio

Go silent and mentally hear what your soul maybe saying to you. You need to do it a few times a day, every day till you notice a change in your thinking and the voices arising within you. Consider this as an activity that will help you in your meditation. This is to mold your thinking to seeing Paramatma God or Over soul by considering and believing that everyone you know and see or know of has come from the same source, the same God as you have.

When you admit that the person next to you comes from the same place that you came from you develop the quality of empathy and compassion. Being conscious and alert to what is happening around us.

A beginner's guide to the Age of Enlightenment

Being conscious of your thoughts, emotions, sentiments as you react to situations around you and observe people that are interacting with you is very important to maintain the flame of inner purity. Also, being aware how your actions affect others and helping people as much as you can. By acting such you are exposed to good thoughts and ideas of others.

Undoubtedly there many ways to meditate but their aim is the same. In very simple words all types of meditation are to give you control your monkey mind or to make the mind calm.

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In more pristine way meditation is the process where you can go beyond your mind and experience your essential nature, which is described as peace, happiness, and bliss. But as anyone who has tried to meditate knows, the mind itself is the biggest obstacle standing between ourselves and this awareness. There are many ways to meditate and I would like to club all ways as either with a religious underpinning or to get control over the mind without religion.

You have to select what suits you. You can query me also. Japa is mantra recitation muttering , an important aspect of Hinduism. I believe everything that we think, do or act, has a spiritual component with other components as the context maybe. Hinduism believes that the we can strengthen our spiritual part by practice and dispassion which in Sanskrit called abhyasa, which is repetition.

Through repetition we create positive or negative habit patterns. Mantra Japa produces positive mental trails in our mind-body-spirit system that helps us to gradually overcome spiritual darkness. It is a powerful technique for focusing the mind and for harnessing the mind-body-spirit subtle energies in practicing Oneness leading to self-transformation. Love is the greatest, most powerful unifying force in creation There is romantic love, sexual love and Godly love.

There is a vast amount of literature on first the two. It is also a fact that people attract events and people into their lives based upon on the life they lead and the thoughts they have. For instance, a happy person tends to attract happy people, inviting their happiness to expand. A sad person tends to magnify that feeling by closing off and therefore isolating themselves.

Hindus have many Gods and pray to many. By loving God, which ever you may choose — Hindu or from any other religion makes your spirit rise, purifying it and make your love for humanity shine through which is Oneness. Undoubtedly loving God makes you more loving in romantic and sexual love. There are too many things to consider and it seems we are in a maze. Look at it deeply and you will find worlds within world. This manifests as knots but we have a responsibility to ourselves, our gods and civilization to unravel them.

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As you shift your perspective, you will react differently and more importantly, learn how to make different choices in the moment. There is no one person within struggling with a monkey on their shoulders. Either we tame this monkey and experience true happiness, joy and enlightenment or surrender which take us on the road to disillusionment, surrender to the meandering mind and a wasted life. Why Are We In Business? What Makes Products Meaningfully Different? What works well for one may actually be quite harmful if applied by another Effective business strategy can trump industry structure, even in sectors with a reputation for lousy economics The notion that sophisticated data analysis can uncover timeless and universal truths about management effectiveness is misguided.

In so doing, it was dismissed by wine snobs, but loved by consumers. Greatness is an inside job.

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